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Joining S*F - Read First!

Post by Disciple » Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:27 am

Hello, and thank you for your interest in joining Shining Force. To get a better understanding of the history and foundation of SF, as well as our expectations of our members, all applicants are required to read the following:

Established in 1998, with roots in gaming dating back even further, SF has made its mark on many games of various genres. Throughout our diverse history, a few defining traits have emerged and are been since held dear to the hearts of our leadership and members. As you'll read on our main splash page, we live by a code of loyalty and honor. However clichéd this may sound, these traits along with our higher than usual average guild age, have resulted in our always being amongst the small circle of most respected guilds and clans in each game we play.

After a hiatus from official SF games, the guild is now making a comeback with a new chapter system in an effort to broaden our player base and impact in the gaming world. The chapters act as their own entities, for the most part, with their own sections of the forum. The chapters are led by a council style leadership, chosen at time of creation (replenished from the active membership base), and these councilors have full say in the direction and administration of their chapter.

The easiest form of joining SF would be through a local chapter to the game you are playing. Chapter membership grants forum rights to whatever game you are applying for. From that point, if accepted, you can move on to a global membership pending officer and member approval.

Regardless of what chapter you are joining, S*F endeavors to extend its morals and values from the mother guild to its children. Many different kinds of people are a part of this guild, and we try to make the environment as friendly to everyone as possible. Racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination are not tolerated here. Recruits are expected to display a degree of respect, composure, and maturity in their dealings with the guild and those outside the guild. Despite the serious tone of our values, the guild chat and banter amongst S*F members is normally very light and sometimes bordering on silly. As guild mates, and friends, we take pleasure in playing together and accomplishing our goals in whatever game we are playing.

Individual S*F chapters may have application post requirements, or they may not. You're ability to post a coherent and well thought out application without the need for a template guide is one of the factors you will be judged on. Be aware, that no matter who you are or what your credentials may be, your application will be the first impression that you make on many of the council members that will be reviewing your application...Make the best of it!

Having read through this post in its entirety, please refer to one of the following links for the application of the chapter you are applying to. If your chapter is not listed, there is no application requirement and you can post what you feel is any relevant information for the game in question:
Thanks you for your time,

S*F Leadership