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Applications for S*F in World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft Chapter - Application Template

Post by Disciple » Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:13 am

Shining Force is a casual hardcore guild that raids three nights per week for 3 hours. We are hardcore in the fact that we demand integrity, excellence, and humility in our members, but casual in that we only raid 9 hours per week because we have lives outside of this game. Before applying to the guild, please understand that we have several requirements for raiding that contribute to being a successful organization. If you plan on joining us, you must understand and be able to meet the following expectations we set for all of our raiders;
  • - We expect a competitive attitude, we want players to know that their spot in the raid is earned, and be able to take criticisms.
    - We expect a player to have a mastery of the game and know how to do great dps, healing, or tanking while having a low failure to mechanics rate.
    - As a hard mode raiding guild we require at least some experience with progressing and killing hard mode bosses.
    - As a guild that only raids for 10.5 hours a week we have a relaxed schedule, but when we are raiding we we expect raiders to give their 100%.
    - We expect a player to able to dps on par with others of your class/spec.
    - As a gaming community we expect a mature player who can be friendly and social with guildmates and not cause drama.
    - We expect players to have their character ready to raid with enchants/reforges/gems/talents showing that they know the theorycrafting behind their class.
    - Being able to communicate on Mumble and having an authenticator is required.
    - If you can show that you have experience with hardmodes and are a great player we wont hold it against you that you do not have BiS gear.
    - Stable internet connection and computer setup is required.
Attendance -> 90% attendance over 30 day periods. The exception being during your trial (roughly 2 weeks long) where 100% attendance is mandatory. Shining Force raids Tues, Weds, Thurs, 7:30-11:-00 PM CST.

With that said, this application is fairly straightforward. The first half are easy questions about you. The second half contains three sections; one for tanking, one for DPS, and one for healing. You need only fill out the areas for the role you are applying for (if multiple, fill out multiple). Any missing questions will be regarded with high levels of suspicion, and you probably will not meet our raiding requirements. Please take the time to proof-read your application and make sure everything is understandable. Remember, this is your first impression of yourself to us. Thank you for your consideration and our raiders will be in touch shortly after posting an application!

Application Template
Please copy and paste this into a new Private Message addressed to Eazycheeze with the subject as your Character Name, Class and Role (or Spec) you are applying for.

Your application will be in a thread within 24-48 hours. It is your responsibility to make sure you have been given proper forum permissions to view this thread and to contact us if there has been an error. Please subscribe to your thread to receive instant e-mail notifications of updates on your application.


Code: Select all

[b]Personal Information[/b]
[list]☩ Please tell us about yourself, share where you live, what you do for a living, and how old you are. How long have you've played MMO's or WoW? Any other relevant personal information that may enlighten us about your personality and habits?
☩ What is your Battle Tag? 
☩ What are your PC specs? [/list]

[b]Character Information[/b]
[list]☩ Share with us a little about your character. Why do you like to play him/her? What makes you good at your class?
☩ What is your character's play time?
☩ Post an armory link to your character.
☩ Post your Epeenbot: for your current and previous main characters. If there are any logs in specific you wish to provide, or if they are private, please link them here. If you don't have a raid log, please go pug and come back before posting your application.  [color=#FF0000][b]We do not consider applicants without logs or logs showing only one fight[/b].[/color]
☩ What is your comfort with sitting for fight(s)?[/list]

[list]☩ Link us to a screenshot of your interface while in a raid or battleground.
☩ Whats your level of comfort in talking on Mumble? Do you consider yourself a vocal player or one who is more subdued?
☩ Share with us your raiding experience so far in World of Warcraft both in the past and in particular the current raiding content?
☩ How many hours per week do you play Wow?
☩ What is one positive thing your previous raid leaders would say about you?
☩ What is one thing your previous raid leaders would say you could improve on?
☩ Why are you looking for a new guild? What happened to make you look for a new one?
☩ What led you to consider Shining Force? Do you know any current members?
☩ Are you currently applying to any other guilds? If so, which ones?
☩ If accepted, when could you join the guild?

The following areas are role specific, please only take the time to answer the one that corresponds to your specific role you are applying for!

[list]☩ Explain to us how you would alter your healing style to adjust being assigned to a single target (i.e tank) from your normal assignment of raid healing (or vice versa if you primarily tank heal and are assigned to raid heals)?.
☩ What sort of mods do you use to help keep track of debuffs or raid icons or any other myriad thing healers typically have to keep track of?
☩ If we were to look at your healing compared to our current healers, where would you fall? Why do you think you would be there and how could you improve? 
☩ What do you consider the strongest aspect to your class/role as a healer? Whats the weakest aspect?[/list]

[list]☩ In your opinion, what are the most important qualities and/or abilities of an exceptional Tank? How do you embody and exhibit these in a progression raiding environment?
☩ In general, what are the primary responsibilities of a Main Tank and Off Tank? How do these roles differ? How would you modify your play-style to adapt to each role, if at all?
☩ Survivability and threat management are both integral parts of tanking, how do you approach balancing the two and do you consider one more important than the other? How does this view affect your gearing and reforging? 
☩ Why are you a Tank? How/when did you start tanking and why do you want to continue to be a Tank in Shining Force? [/list]

[list]☩ Where do you feel your class/spec stands in relation to other DPS specs/classes?  
☩ What are some things that you do well and what are some things you wish Blizzard would change to help your class/spec's performance?
☩ Which fight(s) in the current raid content are best suited to your class/spec and which fights are terrible for you?  Why?
☩ Are you comfortable playing other DPS specs from your class (if applicable)?  Why or why not?  Why are the other specs currently not viable, and if they are, why did you choose your current spec over the other(s)?[/list]

[size=85][i]End Copy[/i][/size]
Thanks again for your consideration of Shining Force. Please take all replies in the manner in which they are intended, to vet you as a candidate to be trialed in our guild. You're responses to member feedback tells us a lot about your character.